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FileBack PC
Version 4.1
FileBack is a high-speed file backup and synchronization utility for Microsoft Windows. Features include backups to and from hard disk/floppy/network drives, scheduled backups, automatic backup of files as they change, automatic network drive mapping, tracking of up to 99 versions of each backup file, easy-to-use backup restoration wizard, support for different hardware profiles, more!  Recipient of multiple awards!
EZ Pinger
Version 1.0
EZ Pinger makes monitoring servers, workstations, and other networked devices easy.  Complete with multiple types of host testing and many ways of issuing alerts.
Version 2.0
PicSwitcher is a small program used to convert between different image formats, and print proof sheets as well.
MOS Authenticator
Version 1.0
Utility to generate Google Authenticator-compatible authentication codes for web sites and applications.
Version 1.0
Small utility to turn down the volume on your computer when it has been idle for a period of time.
Networking Assistant
Version 1.0
The Network Assistant is a utility for assisting with basic networking tasks: bandwidth calculation, IPv4 address-related calculations, and password generation.
Version 2.1
Utility for sending or posting messages to windows within the Windows operating system.  Also useful for listing the available windows within the system.
Version 1.2a
Multiple stopwatch application.  New features includes start/stop all timers simultaneously, and continuously updated elapsed time.  (Download Link)
Idle Clock
Version 1.0
Utility used to assist in troubleshooting issues with power management-related problems.  Displays a clock showing the amount of time that Windows thinks the computer has been idle. (Download link)

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